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What do we offer?

The following has the basic objective of providing information to all the people interested in the well-being Of the Guatemalan children who suffer from health problems. Health problems affect a high percentage of children whose families live in poverty or extreme poverty 90% of them in the rural area. The health problem we focus on is harelip and cracked palate. HARELIP AND CRACKED PALATE, affects children at birth and is responsible for numerous deaths in the country. In Guatemala there is no actual solution available for the parents who make countless efforts to maintain their numerous families.


it is a congenital lesion that consists on the fissure of the upper lip with a serious nose deformity and frequently associated with cracked palate. The fissure dog be unilateral or bilateral and in any marries it causes difficulty when the newly born needs to be fed and finally can cause serious malnutrition or the death of the child.


It consists on the lack of union of the palate during the embryonic stage , it can be total or partial and is frequently associated to hare lip. For better understanding of what has already been exposed, we share the results of studies that have been carried out during the past 15 years to approximately 6500 children of different areas of Guatemala, and from different social status. Although 90% of them from the rural part of the country and in extreme poverty. The problem of Hare lip and Cracked palate affects children’s face not only physically but functionally according to the level of deformity, it also affects the positioning of the nose and teeth.

In a study economco was established that:
  • 53% of the parents occupation is agriculture and their production is their subsistence.
  • The income of these families places them in poverty or extreme poverty.
  • 64% of the population is illiterate.
  • The 88.89% of these cases is found in the rural area of the country.
  • The 75.48% of the cases are indigenous.
  • There is malnutrition in 80% of the cases.
  • in 28 years of work have taken place and more than 8 000 cases and 75 newborns. We have surpassed 3500, with Harelip and Cracked palate.

This study was carried out by : Licenciada y Master Maria Isabel Reyes Ruiz. (EST/MIR)

There has also been an investigation with the institutions both private and public that deal with these type of problems, and these are the results.

  • The hospitals Roosevelt and San Juan de Dios in the city of Guatemala offer free official service but due to their national coverage give priority to other urgent problems that require reconstructive surgery. (Children with burns)
  • The national hospital of Totonicapan, offered free service for more than 12 years, but is currently canceled.
  • The Centro de Estomatologia of Dr. Rodolfo Asencio Antigua Guatemala ***(Guatemalan doctor that operated children with this problem for many years charging a minimum cost. He put the name of Guatemala on high with his personal surgical technique “de Asencio”)***Dr. Asencio died recently on November 3, 1999. For his family our condolences and eternal homage.
  • Deprive you level, there plows various you deprive yourself hospitals that offer services for this problem but naturally there is to cost that is out of reach for the affected families and they oscillate among Q3500.00- Q7500.00.

Having the appropriate knowledge of the problem will allow you to help a child who needs to correct his/her problem and a family that doesn’t have the possibility to do so. I am a trained professional with more than 20 years of experience, I have an administrative structure and a multidisciplinary team that can and has handled many of these cases with God’s help and with the help of many generous people from Guatemala, Switzerland, Spain ( a generous donation in surgical-medical material from her majesty Queen Sophia) and U.S.A (Club de Leones Guatemala- Miami) Dr. Arturo Tobar; INTERVIDA; The Catholic church and the Municipalidad de Totonicapan. These entities have opened their hearts without expecting anything in return. The families of the children have also helped with small donations and with my own means and a professional team we offer this service to the children who need it.

An Important Story You Should Know

In the Hospital of the department of Totonicapan, (department of Guatemala and beautiful land of the pine trees that opened its doors to me in 1980, where I have grown professionally and to which I dedicate this program. It’s purpose is to honor the people of Totonicapan.) they would frequently receive a big amount of children with Harelip and Cracked palate, but due to the lack of a specialized professional in that area; they were referred to other hospital in the city or to the Centro de Estomatologia in Antigua Guatemala. We verified that due to the lack of resources, fear to travel to other departments or other reasons the patients wouldn’t solve their problem. For this reason a campaign was developed. Sporadically with no cost and supported by Dr. Bernal Herrera Monteagudo a highly qualified professional who donated his time and effort to help those who needed it.

After some time and after noticing the high demand of attention, Dr. Oscar Rolando Tarrago ( Director of the Hospital of Totonicapan in that time) decided to train a General Surgeon. It was I who at that time was the chief of Pediatrics that was involved in the program (1984). I became in charge of the program that offered help to hundreds of children and hoping to become a better professional, I took a course in Mexico in the hospital Manuel Gea Gonzales, under the supervision of Dr. Fernando Ortiz Monasterio (chief of the Harelip and Cracked Palate Program) and Dr. Manuel Garcia Velazco (chief of the Department of Plastic Surgery) with this I was able to widen the variety of corrective surgeries of associated defects and basic secondary defects. We were able to provide the service with several limitations, because it was not an official program and did not have the support of the department of health, although the demand for the service increased progressively until we had approximately 5 to 7 surgeries per week. Nowadays we have a team that is prepared to serve any patient who needs it and YOU can be part of it.

We have received help from friends in the city of Buochs, Brienz and Brugg Switzerland. Many north American friends have contributed as well, but what motivates us more is the support of the Church and the Guatemalans who wish to help their own people. This project is of great importance and benefits many, studies prove that an enormous amount of children in need are not given the proper importance.

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