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Help us help sponsor a child by donating $250

This project was developed due to the great amount of children who suffer from harelip and cracked palate and is offered to all the patients that have the condition and wish to correct it. Basically we offer to carry out the procedures needed to correct the condition and all the surgeries needed afterwards, starting with the correction of the harelip at the early age of 2 months of age when the patient weighs 10 pounds and has good health.

At age 2 the cracked palate is corrected and finally the correction of the nasovestibular pipes ,the esthetic nose positioning ands to faringoplastia to improve the sound of the voice. I have operated on more than 6,000 patients over the past 20 years. I want to invite you to join efforts with me and help the very poor children of Guatemala solve their problem and integrate in society.

Let’s help create a smile for a Guatemalan child!!