DR.German Scheel Bartlett | Necesito ayuda


What requirements does a child need in order to be treated in our institution?
  • Have harelip and cracked palate.
  • The parents should have the desire and the intention to solve the problem.
  • The child should be in good health condition or acceptable according to condition and age.
  • Arrive at Sanatorio Alejandra de totonicapan a la 7a calle 4-21 zona 4 , totonicapan, telefonos (502)77664955, 77230412 y 77230628
  • Approval on behalf of the family for a social economical study to determinate the way to solve the problem.
  • A minimum of two months of age or 10 pounds of weight for the correction of harelip.
  • A minimum of twenty months of age for cracked palate surgery.
  • A minimum of 15 years of age for final esthetic scar correction and nose positioning.

Dr. Scheel si now operating on children in their first 5 days with local anesthesia for unilateral and bilateral lips.

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